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Online Banking is a safe, convenient, and exciting way to do the majority of your banking business. This Online Banking product allows First State Bank to offer our customers access to account information and transaction history anytime, anywhere Internet access is available. First State Bank’s Online Banking provides the latest tools that our customers are looking for. Customers can check their account activity and initiate or verify transactions between their own accounts while on vacation, at work, or at home at any time—day or night. Customers are not required to use Internet banking; it is simply a free convenience for the people that choose to use it.


Internet banking is conducted in a password protected and secure computer environment.
Advanced security tools, including encryption and firewalls, keep information and transactions secure. First State Bank has taken great measures to ensure reliability and security for your banking needs. Customers can be secure in the knowledge that all information will remain confidential.

To have access to an account via the Internet, a customer will need to have a username and password. Customers are unable to view account information without the proper user name and password, and no two customers will have the same username or password.
Information and customer data are scrambled by encryption technology as they pass through the Internet from the bank to the customers’ computer.

Customers can ensure that by having the latest version of their browser they have the most secure connection. Customers must never leave their computer unattended while logged into the secure area, nor should they give their username and password to anyone. By following these procedures customers will help keep their account information secure and prevent unauthorized access to their accounts.

For information about identity theft protection, please go to:

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